April 22, 2013

How can I use meta tags in my web page

You can use meta tags in various ways, and meta tags depending whose tools you use to create and update your site. Before you use meta tags your web page, first learn about effective keywords and description. When you first publish your website, you will create meta tags for site solution. You can use default meta tags  in your site, and Add meta tags to page site default builder page or choose page properties from site format menus, Beside, you can use that party tools or HTML. You can add your meta tags to your page. Meta tags should be placed with the <head> tags To <head> tags near the All head content of you web page code.

<title>You site name or title<title>
<meta name="description" content=" description of your site">
<meta name="keywords" content=" keywords about your site">

How to use meta description:

You can use meta description of our site. Its very easy, Meta description means, your site short description.
such as__
<meta name=" description " content=" Basic SEO tutorial site is one of the leading site all over the world etc.">

How to use meta keywords:

Meta keywords means, Your site sort meta tags., that means whose keywords you will write to always your web page
For example:
 <meta name="keywords" content=" seo tutorial, computer tutorial, moneymaking tutorial etc.">

Remember If you writing own HTML code, be sure to include those tags only the <head> to <head> tags in your website page, and your site visitors will read that meta tags your site home page
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