April 18, 2013

How to increase page ranking in my website

Many website owner don`t know how to increase page rank in various search engine. If you make a website, than you must increase your website page rank in many different search engine. Search engine is the aware of your website rank in people all over the world. Generally we make a website, but we don`t increase our website rank, because we don`t know how to increase website rank. The search engine will not accept copy paste contents, that means, If you copy any contents in search engine and past that contents in your website, than your website will not increase page rank. Main case the process is wrong pate to increase page rank in search engine.

Website page rank will depends 5 subjects.

1.      Unique and fresh contents.
2.      Big contents
3.      Regular Posting
4.      Backlink in high PR site
5.      Visitors.

Unique and fresh contents:
If you want to increase your website page rank, than you must always create Unique & fresh contents post. Search engine support  unique and fresh contents for good page rank.

NB: No copy past contents from any search engine.

Big Contents:
Big contents is better than short contents for increase page rank in different search engine. So, you should always posting Unique fresh and big contents in your site.

Regular Posting:
You should per day minimum 1 or 2 Unique, Big contents posting. It`s very batter for search engine rank.

Backlink in high PR site:
For website rank depends on various search engine and the most important is case bancklink in high PR site. I suggest, you will always backlink up to 2 page rank site.

And last visitors. Visitors is on of the fact for website rank. So, If you increase your website rank. You should done all above instruction in this tutorial, than you get always huge visitors in your website. 

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