April 19, 2013

How to create a PDF download file in your webpage.

A download section of a website is a very common way to keep a website organized for webmaster and the website visitors. It is facility for web site visitors. We can share many element multiple users on the internet such as media PDF, Document, MP3, Videos etc.

Need to element for create a PDF download file.

Folder title Downloads
Files for download
Download page or page type of file to be download
File Transfer protocol software an web page creation software
Folder name for each file and showing full file path of the download.

How to setup download section:

  1. You wish to make available downloads on your website. Each file called name Download. If you want to add more download file in your website such as PDF, Document, MP3, Videos etc.
  2. Open your file transfer protocol software program and upload the folder titled downloads to your website.
  3. Open your web creation software and create a new web page called Downloads.html such as Download5.html or downloadmp3.html etc.
  4. Create download link for each file e,g- a PDF titled ‘SEO Report’ would say ‘SEO Report’ not just link make sure the link includes the full file path.
<href= " your site name here/downloads SEO Report.pdf"> Or
<href=" your site name here/downloads/mp3/groovy.mp3">

  1. Upload the download page using FTP software.
  2. Link the download.html page on your home page.
You should remember for PC users, they need to click right hand mouse button and save as the file right folder.

  1. Test your link in a verity of different web browsers to be sure they work correctly
The download create function appear differently in different web brewers.

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