April 17, 2013

How to use h1 heading tags in post

In present world although the internet has changed a excellent deal. On the other hand seo i s the way that webmasters designate topics and thing of important. The website page are often set with header tags <h1> and <h6>, while items are vary important website e rank and users. Search engines also use these primary indicators title of whose page is about and what contents creators was most important.

Head tags (<h1> to <h6>)

Header tags are very great way to help increase search engine rankings. If you creating a page about free tags and you would like to rank for it, then you creating page content title including a nice big <h1>  tag to <h1> at top of the page. If you use <h1> header tags then users and search engines know what your page’s subject. It is very important to another keywords in to tags, A better rule of thumbs to include no more than 3 or 4 <h1> tags per page and you rember to always have at last a paragraph or 2 text between your header tags. A page should be consist of a header tags. Header tags is very useful to search engine and it`s very useful to your visitors.

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